The Truth About Breast Enlargement Creams

Breast enlargement creams, they seem too good to be true. A special cream that makes your breasts bigger without any surgery! So what really are breast enhancement creams, how do they work and which one is the most effective breast enlargement cream?

What are breast enlargement creams?

Just like the name implies, breast enlargement creams are creams that you apply to your breast to make them bigger. It’s painless and super easy to use.

Most women opt to use breast enlargement creams since they are easy to use, cheaper than surgery and of course, painless.  It’s a special lotion for your tatas!

All you have to do in using these cream is apply a pea-sized amount to your breasts and massaging them twice a day after showering.



How do breast enhancement creams work?


Breast enhancement creams work by helping your body produce and store more fats to the area where they are applied to.  You don’t need to worry about unwanted weight gain since fats will only be stored to the area where you applied it, which are your breasts.

Natural breast enhancement creams like EnvyPearl contains strong and safe phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. Estrogen plays a major role on the development of your breasts, along with your genes. Estrogen is the one that is in charge of making your breasts firm and perky. During puberty, estrogen is also the one that dictates how big you bra size is gonna get.

Menopause or lack of estrogen also plays a part on how your breasts appear. This is why during ovulation, pregnancy or any instance that the estrogen in your body is high, your breasts look amazing!

Sadly, there are times when the amount of estrogen gets really low, especially during menopause. This causes breast sagging and they appear to be shrinking. This is because without estrogen, there will be nothing to maintain the firmness and perkiness of your breasts.

All natural and safe breast enhancement creams such as EnvyPearl contains phytoestrogen. Once you apply it to your breasts, it will stimulate an increase of production and accumulation of fat cells in that area. The more fat cells there are, the bigger your breasts get!


Are they safe to use?

The short answer – it depends on the type of cream that you are using. Breast enhancement creams which contain harmful ingredients such as paraben,phthalates and synthetic estrogen could cause you harm.

Stick with the ones that are all natural, such as EnvyPearl. It’s all natural, and free from harmful ingredients. It’s also made in a US facility that follows a strict set of GMP (good manufacturing process) guidelines to ensure your safety and its effectiveness.

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Breast enhancement creams do work, the secret is you have to find the right one that is safe and effective for you. They are safe, easy to use and painless! Just be patient and keep on using them regularly until you get the breasts that you want!