How to Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

There’s no shame in admitting that at one point or another, you must have wished you had bigger breasts. Breast size it determined by genetics, weight, breastfeeding and exercise. The good thing is, there are still ways on how to increase your breast size naturally without spending and arm and a leg!


The right kind of exercise could help you increase your breast size by building up your pectoral muscles (muscles on your rib cage) and stimulates the fat tissue in your breasts. These muscles and fats are the ones that determine the size of your busts. So the more muscles and fats there are, the bigger you get.


You can increase your cup size by doing push ups, wall push ups, reverse dumbbell fly, chest dips and elevated push ups. It might sound tedious and exhausting, but it’s all worth it in order to give you the curves that you want.




Another way to increase your breast size naturally is by taking herbs or supplements that are rich in high quality phytoestrogen, or the estrogen from plants. You can get some from




Estrogen is the one that gives us women the goodies during puberty. It increases the breast size and butt size during puberty and maintains them after. That’s why you might notice that your breasts go up a little bit when you are nearing ovulation.

During menopause, or after giving birth, the amount of estrogen in the body also drops, this causes sagging of the breasts, vaginal loosening and decrease in libido. Supplements that have phytoestrogen could reverse all of these and it could even protect you from certain types of cancer.

Phytoestrogen replenishes the body with the estrogen that it needs and repairs the health of your estrogen stimulated organs such as your breasts. It helps firm up and even increase the size of your breasts to look younger and perkier.



Natural Breast Enhancement Creams

Fats – they’re your breasts natural stuffing. The more fats on your breasts, the bigger they get. This is actually the part where you want more fats to accumulate. Estrogen is the one that stimulates the production and accumulation on your breasts during puberty.





Natural breast enhancement creams such as EnvyPearl, contains macelignan, this is a natural product that is extracted from nutmeg. It has phytoestrogen that when applied topically, increases the production and accumulation of fats only to the part where you applied it so there is absolutely NO unwanted weight gain.

EnvyPearl also contains macadamia oil to keep your skin smooth and younger looking.




When it comes to increasing your breast size, there’s no need for painful and expensive surgery. Just do your exercises, take phytoestrogen and use natural breast enhancement creams. The results may not be as fast as surgery, but they are far safer and cheaper, so be patient and try follow a routine to achieve bigger and better breasts!